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Wings 'N' Waffles Foundation

Mission Statement

Our mission is to inspire, empower, and educate underserved communities through our mentoring program. We are dedicated to impacting our innovative leaders and entrepreneurs. We are committed to excellence, therefore we provide food, services and goods with compassion, “we are our brothers keeper".


Community Outreach

At least once a month we go to skid row and feed a minimum  of 600 people from the homeless population. We also provide blankets, clothing and shoes as an effort to make a difference as we give back.



Every year we want to award students with financial support,  to support those furthering their education.We have already provided scholarships for students that were attending a nursing and cosmetology program.


Entrepreneur Mentor Program 

We have designed a that provides tips, education and mentoring for those that aspire to start their own businesses.

Credit Restoration and First Time Home Buyers

Guidance and resources for first time buyers. We provide services to establish, restore and build credit.


Zelle + PayPal: +1 (951) 567-3473

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Phone number: +1 (951) 567-1267

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